About us

The Ajmer Club was registered under section 26 of the Companies Act of 1882 as a Limited Company not working for profit, after a license had been obtained from the Local Government, as No.III of 1891, on 9th November 1891, and the Articles of Association were delivered and registered on 12th November 1891.

The original Memorandum and Articles of Association were altered by special resolutions passed at a general meeting on 3rd December 1915 and confirmed at a general meeting on 18th December 1915 and the revised Memorandum and Articles included in this issue of Club Rules were dully registered.

The Club is not precluded from making profits, but must apply those profits in promoting its objects and may not pay a dividend to its members, vide Section 26 of Companies Act.

The Companies Act of 1882 was repealed by the Companies Act of 1913 which was repeat of by the Companies Act 1956 (1 of 1956). The Club is presently deemed to be a company registered under the Registrar, Non Trading Companies Act 1960 ( 13 of 1960), and the provisions of the latter Act now apply to the Club vide section 290 of Companies Act of 1913 and Section 38 of Companies Act of 1882.

The Articles of Association were further revised in 1946 to bring them into line with the amendments of 1936 to the Companies Act. Further amendments were made from time to time

Reciprocal Club Information Sheet

Total Area : 40,000 Sq. Yds
Established : 1883
Total no. of Members : 728  ( Seven Hundred Twenty Eight)
Club Timings : 6:00 am  to  12:00 midnight
Residential Rooms : 15 Rooms out of which 14 A. C. & 1 Air Cooled
Length of Stay Permitted : Seven to Ten Days in a month or Thirty days in Year
Reservation : On advance payment & availability
Dress Code : Casual & During function formal
Introduction Requirement : Identity Card
Payment Terms : Cash/Card/Online
Service Charges : No